It’s Like Riding a Bicycle…

At first it’s a bit wobbly and you’re not sure of your balance. But soon you’re in the flow, weaving with the world around you.

The pandemic has changed the way we connect, and this year’s networking and social events will get you back on the bike at your own speed—whether you’re on a road bike or dirt bike, a unicycle or a tricycle, a Peloton or a joystick. We create networking and social events with the principles of generosity, reciprocity, and fun. Jump in!

Learning & Networking Week: Oct 2–7

EPIC people around the world are coming back to Pangaea (aliases: Terra, Pathable)—our virtual gathering space and 24/7 ethnographic jamboree! Open to all attendees during Oct 2–12, the platform is designed to connect you with programming, conversations, exhibits, and friendly help whenever you need it.

In addition to the Tutorials program, Learning & Networking Week includes:

Casual Connections

Quick, fun, low stress, no-fuss events support new participants with warm ties and provide a central crossroads for finding old friends. Session details coming soon!

Creative Connections

Inventive ethnographic gatherings, workshops and deep-dive discussions:

Climate Dystopian Cocktail/Coffee Hour
Created and hosted by Sarah Brooks (Distinguished Designer, Strategic Foresight) & Meghan L McGrath (IBM Z Future Demands Lead), IBM

If anything is resilient, it’s the cocktail/coffee hour. Join us in the post-post-climate dystopian future, where you can swap business cards amidst the smoldering ruins of civilization. We’ll socialize and participate in an imagined future informed by research-based signals/trends around climate change and dwindling non-renewable resources. We’ll co-create beverages and snacks in a world in which many of the key crops of 2022 are no longer available and creative substitutions have to be made: What is the climate dystopian version of the cheese board, cocktail napkins, or small talk? How will human rituals morph and shift, but somehow carry on as the world dramatically changes? And we’ll generate useful conversations about the next steps for our teams and organizations as we explore possible futures.

Ethnographic Listening
Created and hosted by Michael Powell

Listening is central to ethnography, but most of us still have a lot to learn about listening, including how to constantly improve or refine our listening skills, how to communicate their unique value, how to use listening for positive impact, and how to articulate our role as professional listeners. In this session we’ll learn about some unique qualities of ethnographic listening, do an exercise in deep listening, and explore listening as an active, embodied practice for research and everyday life.

Building for Resilience
Created and hosted by Preeti Talwai (UX Research Lead), Keita Wangari (Staff UX Researcher) & Luca Paulina (Senior UX Designer), Google

Too often in complex, resource-constrained and fast-paced organizational environments we design only for the ideal “happy paths”—human journeys get watered down and nuance is pushed to the side. It’s imperative that organizations support the inevitable changes of real life so they can build enduring relationships with the people they serve. In this workshop we’ll build language and tools to re-engage organizations with the messiness, grit and reality of actual life journeys. We’ll walk through an exercise to view human journeys with a “resilience lens” and examine how products and services can be designed to learn and adapt to change. Participants will take away a set of tools to build more robust experiences by anticipating opportunities, mitigating harms, and designing for dynamism.

Conversations in Resilience
Conversations in Resilience are Salons—an EPIC tradition. We’ll gather in small groups to discuss special topics in ethnography and resilience. Facilitated by hosts who guide participants with inspiring or provocative questions or scenarios, Salons offer a space where attendees share candidly, experiment with evolving ideas, and connect to EPIC people with similar interests. No prep; just bring yourself and your interest in the topic.

Career Connections

Mentoring, networking and sessions focused on leadership and navigating the job market. Stay tuned for session detail!

Gathering on Pangea: Oct 2–12

Pangea is our virtual gathering place and your 24/7 community hub. You’ll find:

  • “Always on” social spaces where you can meet new folks and connect with old friends
  • Search, filter, and browse attendee profiles
  • Share your expertise, interests, and professional goals (hiring, job seeking, freelance…)
  • Chat in public forums
  • Send private messages and hold 1:1 or group video meetings
  • Get friendly support from EPIC staff and mentors

Gathering in Amsterdam: Oct 9–12

We can’t wait to be together, in person again! More details about Amsterdam social & networking activities is on its way…in the meantime you can count on: