As our conference shifted to a virtual format in 2020/2021, we learned a lot from our fantastic Accessibility Coordinators and identified steps we need to take to become more inclusive. Our goal is for the EPIC conference to be accessible to virtual and on-site attendees with a wide variety of access needs (including people with disabilities, people with dietary needs, and nursing mothers). To meet this goal, we have an accessibility team in place to answer questions before the event, and to assist with remote and on-site logistics.

Our accessibility team will be glad to answer your questions, and explore options to make the conference a fully accessible experience for you. Please email us at and one of our team members (Greg, Kate, and Hannah) will be glad to correspond with you directly.

On-site attendance

We know that getting reliable information about the conference venue, the schedule, the meal offerings, and beyond is critical for attendees to plan in advance. The venues are historic buildings that are updated for accessibility, with a couple of exceptions. Please read on for more detailed information.

Felix Meritis – Main Conference Venue

Felix Meritis has the following accessibility features:

  • Front entrance with steps – a sturdy metal ramp can be made available
  • Step-free back entrance
  • Elevator access to all floors, except the tower room which is only accessible by stairs
  • Tactile markers on the floors
  • Quiet room with a restroom for nursing mothers/sensory breaks
  • Disabled restroom on the ground floor with adjustable support railings
  • Pump-style soap dispensers in restroom
  • Sinks with touchless, automatic sensors to start water flow in restroom
  • Hand dryers with touchless, automatic sensors in restroom

Ramps & Access Points

It has a front entrance with steps on Keizersgraght Street, and a sturdy metal ramp can be made available there. The building has a step-free back entrance on Prinsengracht Street. There is a curb on the street in front of both entrances. To find a nearby curb cut, go down the street to the nearest intersection. Inside the building, there is a step-free path to the front reception area and to a central space with an elevator. The building has elevator access to all floors, except the small uppermost floor. All conference sessions will be held in rooms with elevator access. The venue has tactile markers on the floors to guide participants with visual impairments.


There is a disabled restroom on the Felix Meritis ground floor, with support rails that raise and lower on both sides of the toilet. All restrooms in the building have pump-style soap dispensers at the top left of the sink. The sinks have touchless, automatic sensors to start the water flow. The sensors are located directly behind each faucet. The hand dryers have touchless, automatic sensors. They are located at the top right of the sink.

Sensory & Nursing Room

The Felix Meritis venue will make a small, quiet room with a built-in restroom available for nursing mothers and people who may need a sensory break. If you think you may have a use for this room, please contact the accessibility team in advance of the event.

Olof’s Chapel – Conference Dinner Venue

Olof’s Chapel has the following accessibility features:

  • Step-free front entrance
  • No disabled restrooms
  • Narrow restrooms stalls without support railings
  • Pump-style soap dispensers in restrooms
  • Paper towel dispenser in restrooms

Ramp & Access Points

Its front entrance is step-free, but there is a curb on the street in front of the entrance. To find a nearby curb cut, go down the street to the nearest intersection. Inside the building, there is a step-free path to the site of the dinner.


Olof’s Chapel does not have a disabled restroom: the stalls around the toilets are narrow and there are no support rails. There is a row of sinks in the bathroom, and each sink has a single-handle faucet. Pump-style soap dispensers are mounted to the mirror above the sinks in multiple places, and there is a paper towel dispenser on the countertop, close to the center of the row of sinks.

Amsterdam Venue Photos

Photos of the Felix Meritis venue and Olof’s Chapel may provide valuable information in addition to the descriptions above. Below are photos of both sites, which include images of the entrances to the building, the standard toilets (at both sites) and accessible toilets (only at Felix Meritis), the tactile markers on the Felix Meritis floors, and the elevators and ramps at the site. We’ve included photos of the quiet room at the Felix Meritis that is available to nursing mothers and to attendees who may need a sensory break. See photos on Flickr.

Accessibility at EPIC2022

If these images bring up additional questions for you, or you want to clarify an issue, we want to communicate with you! Please do get in touch with our accessibility team via email:

Remote attendance

To attend the conference remotely, you will access talks and events via the Pathable online platform. If you have questions about how this experience may work with your assistive technologies (such as screen readers, keyboard controls, and more) please do contact our team: We will work with Pathable to learn the answers in advance of the conference.

  • Closed captioning is available for all sessions on Zoom (transcripts are not retained for social and networking sessions)
  • Closed captioning will not be available for live stream sessions
  • Transcripts and closed captioning for thematic sessions and keynotes will be available after the conference
  • Conference proceedings, including full Papers & Case Studies articles, will be available in HTML and PDF after the conference

Questions & Feedback

These features are a step in the right direction, but we know they don’t make all aspects of the conference inclusive. If you encounter any accessibility challenges during the conference, please reach out to the accessibility team and we will try to remedy the problem as quickly as possible. We welcome any and all feedback about accessibility, which will be a great help in making this and future conferences more inclusive. Email: