EPIC is the perfect place to meet people and organizations who could be part of your future.

EPIC2022 offers formal and informal ways to connect with hiring managers, learn about freelancers and project partners, recruit top researchers, and explore the expanding career landscape for ethnographers. Don’t miss these opportunities:

Recruiting Opt-In

Many EPIC2022 Sponsors are actively recruiting for current and future positions, and some will have representatives available to meet with attendees during the conference. Attendees who want to be connected to any of the following organizations can indicate their interest by completing our form on the registration confirmation page:

Atlassian  •   Booking.com  •   Google  •   Intel  •   Spotify  •   Waymo  •   Gemic  •   Salesforce  •   Stripe Partners  •   Verizon  •  Adyen   •   Convo   •   Is it a Bird  •   ReD Associates  •  ServiceNow

To access the opt-in form after registration, access your registration confirmation page here and you’ll see the link under your confirmation number. Contact us if you need help. Submit your form by September 19!

Meet Recruiters and Research Leaders

  • Visit sponsor exhibits to connect and set schedule meetings with company representatives: virtual exhibits Oct 2–12, Amsterdam exhibits Oct 9
  • Attend sponsor sessions to learn about hiring processes, research and strategy teams, and company cultures
  • Practice informational interviewing with supportive mentors in the EPIC community
  • Participate in the entire EPIC2022 experience—lots of attendees are hiring, have insights about the job market, or can make referrals for you!

Browse recruiting & career sessions scheduled for your region:



Questions? registration@epicpeople.org