Rachel Wang is Head of Research & Founder at LTH Consulting in Shanghai and a member of the EPIC2022 Case Studies Committee.

Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

A curious mind experiencing the earth life in the human body.

Why did you say ‘yes’ to being on an EPIC committee?

The compassion for the living souls on earth, the expertise in gaining insights, and the intention to contribute to the greater good.

When you think about the best proposals you read, what really made them stand out?

How solid it is in design, how carefully it is executed, and how inspiring it is to our members.

Is there a particular talk you’re looking forward to?

I have gone through many great cases and am looking forward to hearing more from the speakers at the conference.

What would you like to say to people who are considering coming to EPIC for the first time?

Open your mind, join as many sessions as possible, and talk to people 🙂

If you could recommend a book/article/podcast to our community, what would you recommend and why?

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations – you may find it on Apple Podcast. I am a BIG fan.