Headshot of a woman with blonde wavy hair wearing red lipstickGiulia is Strategy Director, Europe at TRIPTK. She is presenting a case study at EPIC2022 titled “Navigating the Next with Resilience: Global Portfolio Strategy in a World of Uncertainty”.

Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

I’m an endlessly curious Austrian-Italian strategist, data scientist, and sci-fi enthusiast with way too many sneakers.

Without giving too much away, what is the most interesting finding from your talk?

That when the world tells you you can’t be an ethnographer, you can still think like one and make an impact.

How do you prepare to speak in public?

I practice the Wonder Woman pose.

What was your process for writing the proposal?

I worked my way backwards from the outcome to the beginning.

Are you the person who submits at the last stroke of midnight, or days/weeks before the deadline?

10,000% at the stroke of midnight.

Is this your first EPIC conference? What are you looking forward to at EPIC2022?

Yes, I’m an EPIC Newbie! I’m excited to meet the community and learn from all you intimidatingly brilliant humans.

If you could recommend a book/article/podcast to our community, what would you recommend?

That will have to be my favorite Sci-Fi series, the Hyperion Cantos books 1 to 4 by Dan Simmons. The world-building is absolutely epic, and the characters are incredibly magnetic and lovingly crafted. But what stuck with me, more than the page-turning story, is the feeling it conveys – like a memory lived. It has a beautiful soul.