Traci Thomas is Principal Strategic Designer at Boston Consulting Group. She is presenting a PechaKucha at EPIC2022 called “Resilience: Lessons from a Period of Disruption.”

Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

I’m a human-centered designer of unbridled curiosity, an empathetic adventurer, ambivert, social justice advocate, and strategic innovator.

Describe your presentation in less than 10 words.

A personal and introspective reflection of my experience with resilience

Why did you choose the PechaKucha format for your presentation?

I had never done a PechaKucha before, but I enjoy watching this style of presentation. It forces you to be very succinct and crisp in your storytelling. I also wanted to challenge myself to do something different other than a project case study and decided to submit something more personal and authentically me.

How do you prepare to speak in public? What’s your process?

Practice by myself and with others to get feedback.

What was your process for writing the proposal?

For this PechaKucha, it actually started with all the photos I had taken. I take a lot of photos, so it was a lot to sift through! I first spent time with the visual storytelling, choosing the images that were evocative of what I wanted to convey. I used Miro to assemble and curate my photos. Then I used stream-of-consciousness writing to get all my thoughts and feelings out of my head and on paper. I’d give myself breaks in between and then go back to edit down the content.

Are you the person who submits at the last stroke of midnight, or days/weeks before the deadline?

I’m driven by deadlines, as they help me focus and avoid procrastination. But I’m more of a day-before or day-of type of person when it comes to submissions.

Is this your first EPIC conference? What are you looking forward to at EPIC2022?

This is my first EPIC conference in a very long while. The last EPIC conference I attended was back at SCAD back in 2012. I’m looking forward to being in person again, meeting other practitioners, and getting inspired.

If you could recommend a book/article/podcast to our community, what would you recommend and why?

I’ve been drawn to discussions on the Metaverse and the implications from a behavioral perspective. The metaverse often touts the cool factor of different technologies; AR, VR, and 3D environments, but what will be the effects from a human perspective when users are immersed in this alternate world? Another article, which is a bit older, is The Great Cognitive Depression. It presents cognition as a precious resource and spurs thought-provoking questions on how we might build cognitive capacity rather than depleting it, as digital technologies have done by vying for every bit of our attention.